The Sanders Team

The dynamic husband and wife real estate team of Jeff and Corrie Sanders focuses on helping others and their love of our community.

 What got you into real estate? 

Jeff: Well, after my stint in the Marine Corps, finally finishing college and realizing that the corporate life in a cubical was not the life for me, I knew I needed to find something that incorporated all the things I love most. Interacting with people daily, being of service and being a part of something bigger than me, it was pretty clear that Real Estate would be a great avenue to explore.

Corrie: After seeing Jeff thrive in Real Estate I knew I wanted to join him. With a background in marketing and contract negotiations, this was going to be a great transition for our family.


What sets you apart from other realtors.

Being a husband and wife team gives us a bit of an advantage because our communication is constant. We also are in flow with each other to a point where we can often know what the other person is thinking, allowing us to balance each other out in any given situation. We also have complementary strengths and areas of growth, so with every client we serve, they are getting the best of both of us!

How do you pour back into your community?

We are truly approaching all of life from a place of service. It’s in our DNA to help those around us, so focusing on our community first is something that we focus on. We are both involved in our local church, Willowdale Chapel. We volunteer at our children’s school, Bethany Christian School. We are involved in many organizations like the nonprofit Woerth It Hollow, Veteran Networking Group: Golf Yankee Six, and support many personal causes.


How did the two of you meet?

We met at the State College YMCA while Jeff was working as the Membership Coordinator and Corrie was living in State College swimming professionally. Corrie came into the YMCA and noticed the “cute guy” working at the front desk and came back a few days later, and Jeff remembered her name. It was the just the beginning of our story….


What do you like to do for fun?

Jeff: anything involving football and craft beer! 😉

Corrie: my new obsession is pickleball, I’m getting better after being an aquatic athlete most of my life. I love wine, and any opportunity to gather with friends and family.


What’s the most rewarding part of being real estate agents?

Helping clients walk through a huge life decision like buying or selling a home is super rewarding. Being part of the support system during such a high stress time isn’t easy, but we love it! And of course the ability to keep a flexible schedule to be as involved in our children’s lives as possible.


What prior life experiences prepared you to be the best real estate agent?

We both are very competitive people, so we approach each negotiation with a goal in mind, and we will do everything in our power to get that result. Jeff fought for this country and he takes the same level of pride in serving his clients. Corrie was a successful competitive swimmer, dedicating her life to the sport. She will work tirelessly for her clients, always focused on how the small details affect the ultimate outcome.


How do you balance being parents of 3 and working?

It is not easy, but we try to involve our children as much as possible, so they understand what we do, and how we help people. There is an element of constant juggle, but such is life.


Any tips on how to make your home more sellable?

We have plenty of great tips for sellers, each client will have different areas to focus on after we view their home. But a broad sweep of items that buyers care most about, here are our top tips: 1. focus on curb appeal, a clean tidy outside speaks to a clean and tidy inside. 2. Clean and declutter the house, more than you think necessary. 3. Pay the closest attention to the kitchen and bathrooms, give them a deep clean so they smell and look fresh! 4. Freshen the paint, especially if you have some unique colors in your home, pick something that is most appealing to buyers, not you.


What area do you currently serve?

We are both licensed in PA and Jeff is in MD. We serve clients mostly in Chester County and Southern Lancaster county.


How can people get in touch with you?

We have an active Facebook page you can follow us at “The Sanders Team”. Our Instagram is the_sanders_team and we have a new website we are still working on, but you can check it out: