Southern Chester County Sports

Located in Oxford, this youth sports training facility is dedicated to developing players and athletes on and off the field.  Enjoy this conversation with owner Bob Van Zyl.

What is Southern Chester County Sports ?

Southern Chester County Sports (SCCS) is a small sports training facility located in Oxford, PA.   The SCCS facility is about 3800 sq ft. of turfed space that can be used in many ways.   SCCS was started to provide athletes an indoor place to train in the their sports off season.


Who owns SCCS?

SCCS is owned by Shannon and Bob Van Zyl of Oxford, PA.   Along with SCCS, the Van Zyl’s run the Oxford Diamond Divas Softball organization.


What sports train at SCCS?

Teams rent the facilities to practice in their off season or on bad weather days because of being indoors.    The covered space allows teams to continue to prepare even when mother nature is not cooperating.  


Does SCCS offer any types of training programs?

Throughout the year, SCCS will offer many types of programs to try and meet the needs of the community.   Throughout the year SCCS will offer field hockey, soccer, lacrosse (boys and girls), softball and baseball. Currently, SCCS is offering Performance Training (Speed and Agility) to kids ages 8-17.     Along with the performance training, SCCS is offering general workouts for softball, softball pitching and catchers workouts. 

SCCS is also proud to have Merisa DiRocco and her boot camps twice a week.   Merisa also coaches the performance training programs for our youth athletes.


What is “Kids Night Out” ?

Kids Night Out is usually held once a month.   It is a night that we offer to have the kids at the gym for sports related activities and a movie.    Honestly though, this night is about the parents.   While we are keeping the kids busy, parents can be enjoying a date night, a comedy show at the OTE, drinks with friends or just three hours of peace and quiet.  Follow us on social media for our next Kid’s Night Out!


What else does SCCS offer?

Well, right now we are trying to work it out that we can offer a CPR certification program throughout the fall and winter months.  It is important to SCCS to have this program to be open to both children and adults.   Over the course of the last two years, the owners of SCCS have had friends that have been saved by CPR and in at least two cases, a child was needed to assist.


SCCS also offers facility rentals.   If you are looking for a place to have a kids party or just come in and use the hitting tunnel, SCCS will try and meet your needs.



I’m interested in learning more!!

Great!!!  Give us a call at 610-299-7037, follow us on FB and visit our website Southern Chester County Sport