Parking in Oxford


Parking permits are available for long-term users of the lots. These permits are designated LOT PERMITS ONLY and are not valid for street meters. Permits may be purchased in the Borough Hall 1 Octoraro Alley. Two kiosks are located in the 2nd Street lot and 1 kiosk is located on Broad Street serving the two lots on each side of Broad Street. For more information please contact the Borough Office at 610-932-2500.


Parking Meters

Downtown Oxford has coin operated street parking meters.  .25 for 15 min of parking time.  Please be prepared to “feed the meter”.  Many of our downtown merchants are happy to make change for you!

Parking Kiosks

Familarize yourself with how our new kiosks work. 

Flowbird Parking App

Parking App

Download the Flowbird Parking App from Itunes or Google Play.  Learn more about the advantages of the app at Flowbird