In the early morning of September 14, a fire broke out that destroyed several buildings in downtown Oxford.  The fire displaced 26 families.  Coordinating efforts with SILO and Neighborhood Services Center, the Chamber collected funds to support these families.

Words cannot begin to express the past few weeks. We have watched our community and surrounding towns provide an outpouring of love. We watched historic buildings burn and tumble as we held those displaced in our outstretched arms.

We immediately provided a credible donation portal for folks to give. The Chamber is absorbing the online credit card transaction fees, so truly every dollar is going to help these families. I am overwhelmed by the generosity of our neighbors and residents. As stewards of the community’s generosity, every dollar donated will serve the needs of the displaced families by being donated to Neighborhood Services Center. The County appointed NSC as the lead organization and their case workers are working directly with every family. They will work in tandem with SILO to equitably distribute the funds directly to those impacted.

Our displaced residents have been connected with local and county non profit organizations helping them to rebuild their lives.

Our business community too has been changed with the collapse of 4 downtown structures. Oxford Mainstreet, one of those displaced has led the efforts in supporting their business neighbors (homeless themselves!)

Thank you to all who have given or are interested in donating. This is an amazing community!


Non Profit agency working with affected families.


Non Profit agency working with affected families.


Non profit organization fostering economic growth in the Business Improvement District.  OMI’s home was one demolished by the fire.