Expert Travel planning with Gotta Skedaddle Travel

Gotta Skedaddle Travel LLC is a local Travel Agency that provides expert travel planning to all destinations: resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico; cruises; European tours; Disney & Universal theme parks as well as US and Canadian travel to name a few. Enjoy our conversation with owner Erin Smith.

Erin in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando

Erin, Kevin and their daughters Hannah and Shayna exploring the caves in Bermuda.

Erin touring Waldorf Astoria Cancun resort construction.

Travel Agents still exist??
Yes, I get this question often! Travel agents still exist and play a valuable role in the travel industry. While technology has made it easier for people to book travel online, travel agents offer personalized service, expert advice, access to exclusive deals, and assistance with complex itineraries. One of the biggest assets I provide my clients are updated feedback and true reviews of the places they are looking to go. There’s no way to know if online pictures represent the most updated version and condition of the resorts and/or cruise ships. I also provide peace of mind and support during travel, which is an incredibly valuable resource for many travelers especially when concerns arise during their travel experience.


What inspired you to become a travel agent?
I’ve always had a passion for travel thanks to the trips I went on with my parents when I was a child as well as later into adulthood with my husband and children. Experiencing local cultures has always been intriguing to me and I love exploring new destinations. It was through this passion that becoming a travel agent felt like a natural fit for me. Being able to share my experiences in planning travel for my clients to explore the world is truly fulfilling. I have been a travel agent for eight years now, and two years ago opened my own travel agency. I currently have five travel agents from all around the US at my agency, and we are continually growing. All of my agents have their own destinations they specialize in, and also have various experience levels. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with agents that join my agency
so that they can grow and succeed.


Tell us about your family.
I am married to my high school sweetheart, Kevin. We moved to Oxford about a year ago and love it here! Kevin is a proud Navy Veteran and now works for an energy from waste company. Kevin is also my partner within the agency. He helps to keep the business running so I can concentrate on providing the best service to my clients and the other agents at Gotta Skedaddle Travel. We have two daughters: Hannah is a senior at Avon Grove Charter School and has a passion for the arts, she will be playing the lead in the spring musical Little Shop of Horrors. She is excited to graduate and is looking forward to studying Criminal Justice and Forensic Investigation at Stockton University in the fall. Shayna is our younger daughter and is in 8th
grade at Avon Grove Charter School. She loves sports, especially volleyball and plays for school as well as club with Blast. Her and her Mom share a mutual obsession with the Eagles and love watching games together. When we aren’t traveling, we love to go hiking especially with our dogs Ajax and Eliza. We also love having family game nights as well as movie and tv show nights.


How do you ensure that you provide personalized experiences for each client?
I take the time to understand each client’s preferences, interests, and pricepoint, and tailor their travel plans accordingly. I also provide recommendations based on my own experiences and knowledge. I travel regularly on trips that are solely focused on visiting a large amount of resorts so I can experience them firsthand. I keep detailed notes so I know the best that each resort and/ or cruise offers so I know if it should be an option for my clients and when to offer it. I also explore the destinations so that I can recommend everything that shouldn’t be missed while they are enjoying their getaway. Having a personal connection to each of my clients is paramount to how I conduct my business. I ensure my clients’ needs always come first.


How do you stay updated on the latest travel trends and industry changes?
In addition to continually traveling as mentioned above, I regularly attend industry conferences, participate in training programs, and stay connected with travel suppliers to stay updated on the latest trends and changes. I also work closely with a large network of travel agents. Together as a community we keep ourselves up to date with what is going on in all of the destinations.


What’s your number one travel tip?
This is a great question and, since I do not feel that any one tip could trump the rest, I feature travel tips every Tuesday on my social media pages! A unique tip that I generally recommend is to pack some dryer sheets in your suitcase to keep everything smelling fresh and clean while the luggage is transported. But my favorite travel tip is to obtain travel insurance. Just like car and home insurance, it is invaluable when the time comes that you have a problem and need help. In the recent uncertain times in the world, travel insurance was a life saver for many of my clients.


As a Travel Agent, what are your bucket list destinations?
After planning several clients’ honeymoons to both Fiji & Maldives, these are both on my must experience list. During one of my husband’s deployments, they were able to stop at the island of Crete in Greece. After hearing all about it, and how it was one of his favorite stops in all of his deployments, visiting there and some other Greek Islands is also on our list. My family wants to take a cruise to Alaska in the next few years as well.


How can we get in touch with you?
You can find us on Instagram & Facebook @GottaSkedaddleTravel as well as our website
I can be reached at 484-909-0706 and