Crystal Clean Canz

Crystal Clean Canz, THE trash can cleaners of Southern Chester County, PA.  Enjoy this conversation with owner Jason Feller.

Trash Cans, Really trash Cans?!

YES! The thought started when I was managing a local Country Club and our members and employees had to walk past the stinky dirty dumpster when coming to enjoy a meal, or come to work. After trying to find someone to clean the dumpster, it ended up having to be removed from the site and a temporary dumpster placed – what a pain. Anyway, my wife and I saw a businesses opportunity and researched multiple models around the country that were cleaning residential trash cans. I have always taken the approach that your senses set the tone for your experience, if it smells bad it will be bad. So, after thinking back to how many times my wife told me the house trash can smelled and realizing she never took the trash out to the larger cans, we decided this was an opportunity here in Southern Chester County


What actually happens when you “clean” the cans?

Cleaning: Our pressure washer uses water that is forced at 3500 psi at a temperature of 190 degrees Fahrenheit. We clean the outside using the wand, then use special grabbers to lift the heavy cans up on the back of our trailer which has rotating spray heads. Those tackle the inside of the cans.  We catch the dirty water in our trailer to dispose of properly. Fun fact, our water is hotter than the dishwasher at your house, or your local restaurant.


Disinfect/Sanitize/Deodorize: Once the water has washed the dirt particles off, we remove any standing water, then spray with a biodegradeable, eco-friendly, citrus scented sanitizer – we leave a fine mist on the insides of the can and the handle to allow the appropriate dwell time to kill the bacteria and viruses.


What has been the most rewarding part of this business?

There are multiple satisfaction points for me – the conversion of having someone skeptical realize the feeling of a clean trash can, yes trash cans get dirty and will continue to get dirty, but so does your car or your floors or the outside of your house and we still maintain them. Just watching the dirt fall off of the cans is fun, the yellow lids are the best! The networking with people as I grow this business from zero – So many friendly people willing to spend their valuable time with me and others. Lastly, I have been able to schedule my life around my family, something I wasn’t able to do in my 20 years in the country club world.


Tell us about your family

My wife Wendy and I met at the University of Delaware – Shout out to all the Double Dels! Bouncing around the east coast, we ended up In Southern Chester County as we both loved the rolling hills, the nearness to the commercial life but the lifestyle of country living, the access to culture and our families proximity in Baltimore and the Eastern Shore. Wendy works for the Graduate College at the University of Delaware. When we aren’t playing chauffeur to our kids, or working, we like to find a good comedy show, live music and outdoor activities. We are an Avon Grove School District Family, and tend to find ourselves between Oxford and Kennett. McKenzie our oldest is headed into 9th grade loves books and has found a passion for marching band. Reagan, our youngest is headed into 6th grade and is an avid swimmer and dabbles in other sports, arts, and music. You might find our dog Roxy riding with me from time to time.


Do you offer anything else other than Trash Can Cleaning?

Since we have all of the equipment – and provide day after trash day can cleaning services – we have time to surface and pressure clean patios, pavers, sidewalks, as well as soft washing of houses and decks (check your north facing walls and walks). In addition, we offer commercial work which includes dumpsters/dumpster pads and trash chutes.


How can we get in touch with you?

Our website is our facebook and Instagram are both  @crystalcleancanz – we do think our social media pages are pretty funny.