Core Family Practice

Located in Kennett Square, Core Family Practice brings a unique and personal approach to Family Medicine.  Enjoy this Q&A with physician Dr. Paul Yerkes.

What is Core Family Practice?

We are a Direct Primary Care office providing comprehensive Family Medicine to our patients. We care for newborns to geriatric patients and everyone in between.

Tell us a little more about yourself.

I grew up in West Grove and shortly after high school joined the Marine Corps. After a short stint in the endless beaches of the middle east, I returned home and obtained my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Villanova.  It was through my work as an engineer in the medical device field that I found my passion for medicine and pursued my medical degree from Drexel University college of Medicine.  I completed residency at Christiana Care in Family Medicine and served as chief resident.  If you’re wondering, my wife has stated she will not approve of any further career changes. 

Why did you choose primary care as a specialty?

Mostly for the fame. In all seriousness, throughout my medical school rotations I found I liked just about every aspect of medicine.  I liked needing a broad base of medical knowledge and the only specialty I found that required this was Family Medicine.  I believe there is a therapeutic and diagnostic advantage to building a personal relationship with a patient and would much rather focus on well care rather than simply sick care. 

Why did you decide to practice in the direct primary care model?

The direct primary care model was one of the motivating factors in choosing family medicine. The high-quality medical care provided in this model gives me the chance to be the best physician I can be.  It also gave me the opportunity to change a broken system while joining a physician, Dr. Haug, who shared the same belief that we can improve how healthcare is delivered.  

You mention the direct primary care model makes you a better physician, can you elaborate?

In my previous practice I was lucky to have 5-10 minutes with a patient. There were also limitations on where and how follow up visits could take place.  This model allows me to spend 30-60 minutes a visit with close follow up through telemedicine.  I am also able conduct research for my patients to expand our discussion of treatment options. 

What else makes your practice so different?

We offer same/next day appointments with a physician, telemedicine, after-hours access to your physician, discounts on medications, lab work and imaging. We pride ourselves at knowing the costs upfront for any medication/testing and navigating the healthcare marketplace to obtain the most value.

Why is it important to have a primary care physician?

A good primary care physician, with adequate time, can cover 80-90% of your healthcare needs ranging from preventative care to management of chronic illnesses or urgent care. All this while being the most cost-effective form of healthcare.  Regular checkups have been proven to catch illnesses earlier before they become severe.  If specialist care is needed, having a PCP you trust can help navigate the variety of specialist whose plan may contradict each other or not consider you as a whole person. 

Who would benefit most from joining the practice?

Anyone! We pair nicely with any individual/family with a most insurances plans.  Whether you have a high deductible plan, are searching for more affordable healthcare options or a better experience, we can help.  The current method of healthcare delivery is broken, and we take pride in finding ways to save families money through transparency and containing costs.  We can also help guide patients through the various insurance options available.

Why is healthcare so broken?

Great question…How much time do we have? At a very basic level, there are too many barriers between the patient and their Doctor.  Patients are waiting 2-4 weeks to get in with their primary causing them to utilize urgent care.  Often when patients are able to be seen, the cost is unknown or limiting.  This de-personalizes medicine and leads to avoidance or rationing of care.

Is this an option for businesses?

We have several businesses that offer our services to their employees in addition to their traditional benefit package.  We also have businesses that have found rising insurance prices to be cost prohibitive and wish to provide primary care services to their employees through our practice.

How do we find out more about your practice?

We would love to talk more about the practice and the movement. We offer a complimentary meet and greet with myself.  You can also find information on our website (  Please give us a call! 610-612-9283