2022 Day of Service

Beiler-Campbell Realtors & Appraisers are celebrating 50 years of service

For 50 years, we have been honored to be a part of what is often the most important transaction in a client’s life. For the seller, their home has rewarded them and opens the next chapter of their lives. On the buyer’s side, they are equally as excited to begin the next chapter of their own journey. To know that we have been the fabric that helped make that happen continues to bring us great joy.

1980 – Team in front of Avondale Office

Cheering on the Home teams!

Attending the National Realtors Association convention in Orlando.

Annual Charity Golf Outing committee

Oxford Phillies Lunch

Holiday party

Company sponsored picnic at Brandywine Polo

2023 Management Team: L to R back row: Brian Campbell, Board Chair, Kristine Pirrung, Director of Marketing, Susan Dobinson, Associate Broker and Oxford Office Manager, Christ Taylor, Associate Broker, Farm & Land Division and Auction Services Manager, Anthony Beiler, Broker and President of Beiler-Campbell, President of Anvil Land Transfer and Board Chair of Delaware Valley Financial Mortgage, Jennifer Higgins, Avondale Office Manager. Front row: Lori Court, Anvil Land Transfer Manager, Jennifer D’Amico, Associate Broker and Vice President, Christian Campbell, Manager Longwood Office and President of Delaware Valley Financial Mortgage. Not shown in photo: Andrew Crawford, Commercial Division Manager. 


How did it all begin and where are you now?
Ben Beiler began his real estate career with Jim Arnold in the white building at the intersection of Route 1 and 41 in the early 1970’s. Ben purchased the company – then known as Arnoldmont Realty – in 1973. Brian Campbell joined the business in 1979 and later became partners with Ben. Ten years later, Ben’s son Anthony Beiler joined the company and later became partners with Brian.
The Avondale office was established first and expanded to offer appraisals. Additional offices in Kennett Square, Oxford and Quarryville were then opened. A Farm and Land Division and Auction Services were added that serves throughout western Pennsylvania and northern Maryland, as well as a Commercial Division.
Today, Beiler-Campbell Realtors is led and owned by Anthony Beiler and Brian Campbell and is celebrating its 50th anniversary as one of the leading real estate companies in southern Chester and Lancaster Counties.

What defines your company?
Service is at the heart of who we are and what we do. Founder Ben Beiler’s philosophy was to always maintain a high level of integrity, serve the people and place their needs above our own. This culture of service has been strengthened as like – minded individuals joined the team over the years. We have an outstanding management team that share in the vision that we are customer-based. We start by building a relationship with our client, understanding what they are looking for, and then serving their needs – all with a high level of service and integrity. It’s not about pushing transactions through, rather building relationships in the community.

Brian Campbell shares that shortly after he joined the company in 1979, he learned a lasting lesson from Ben Beiler. “He gave me great counsel and mentorship,” he said. “I remember one challenging situation Ben told me, ‘Ask yourself, ‘What is right and what is wrong?’ I was a young guy just starting in the business and Ben demonstrated that it is about doing the right thing based on Christian principles. He always said that if we take care of people with exquisite service, the rest will take care of itself.”

How does being a locally owned company influence your business practices?
Local is often better when it comes to service. Those at locally owned companies tend to go the extra mile, make that extra phone call after hours and check in with you after the transaction. The client that we sit at the settlement table with may be the same one on the bleachers cheering at this weekend’s game. We care about our relationships within the community. As a locally owned company, we have a heightened responsibility to do business in a way that benefits our entire community. We hold ourselves to high professional standards in conduct, speech, and attitude. We conduct business with transparency and take seriously our standing in the community.
The company owners and management team all live locally and are immersed in local real estate. We continually study local market trends, civic and municipal activity, and confer with local business leaders in order to anticipate upcoming changes in the real estate market. We are proactive in equipping our agents and positioning our clients for approaching markets.
Because the owners live locally and are active in the industry, decisions are made here, not in an office located states away. This allows us to be nimble and respond quickly to changes in the local economy.

What do you attribute the company’s 50 years of growth to?
We never forget that we owe our growth to the efforts of each team member, our families, and our clients. We are grateful for the trust our clients have placed in us over the years.
We have been blessed along the way by some phenomenal agents, managers and staff, some of whom have been with us for as long as 40 years!

Describe the company culture at Beiler-Campbell.
Relationships are everything to us, among our colleagues, with our clients and with our community. Together we have fun and celebrate the journey. From management to the sales agents to the administrative staff, we have a remarkable company culture of support. We love to get together and celebrate – whether that be birthdays, company milestones, individual accomplishments, or holidays. We have a sense of belonging when we go into our offices. Just look at our facebook page to see the fun things we do!
Professionally we are elevated by our camaraderie with each other when attending sales meetings, conventions, and industry events together. Learning and collaborating together makes us better.
It’s important to us to respect the thoughts and time of those around us and treat each other with dignity. We promote an atmosphere of positivity – a feeling of wanting the best for each other and the people we serve.

Tell me about your company’s charity efforts.
It’s a priority for us to give back to the community. We sponsor a variety of local teams, community events and groups. As a company, we hold two annual charity events: a Day of Service with Food Drive and a Charity Golf Tournament.
Our goal with the Day of Service is to serve local homeowners who need a helping hand and non-profits. We go into the local community to help with lawn care, painting, building, cleaning, repairing and more.
Our annual Charity Golf Tournament is generously sponsored by local businesses and private individuals and donates upwards of $40,000 to local nonprofits every year.
Years ago, Ben suggested that managers and owners get involved with one or two nonprofits, so the call from him was to give back to our community. While it sounds great that we are serving, whatever we give, we get back ten-fold. The joy and spirit of helping others becomes a feeling that we treasure. Additionally, our individual agents and staff members are involved in youth sports, volunteering for local organizations, serving on local non-profit and civic boards and in places of faith.

How do your affiliate mortgage and title companies improve your service?
We recognize the needs of clients to have access to all transaction services under one roof, so we founded a title company – Anvil Land Transfer – and a mortgage company – Delaware Valley Financial Mortgage. Title and mortgage are an integral part of a real estate transaction. Since these affiliates are local, they are committed to excellent service and meeting the timeline of our clients and agents. They go above and beyond to ensure a smooth transaction.

How do you help your agents succeed?
We’ve learned that confident, successful agents need three elements from their Broker to thrive: support, training, and tools.
Our agents have the support of in-office managers with years of experience for guidance and business development. The company owners and affiliates are in the offices and have an open door for questions. Our administrative team helps with technology, marketing, and transaction tasks so agents can do what they do best – list and sell homes!
Our agents have access to the same technology that national brokerages use, but the difference is, our agents have support and hands-on training in using that technology. We provide a combination of small group and one-on-one training in a variety of pertinent topics to our agents.
It’s a partnership; agents bring the drive to work hard and succeed and we supply the tools and support they need to succeed. If our agents build trust with their clients, develop authentic relationships and are excellent in their field, they will thrive.
Our agents are smart, capable and enjoy their work – and it shows! Because of the support they receive, they guide their clients through the intricacies of a transaction with assured composure.

To connect with Beiler-Campbell Realtors visit beiler-campbell.com. Office phone numbers: Oxford 610-932-1000, Avondale 610-869-8711, Longwood 610-444-7600 and Quarryville 717-786-8000. Anvil Land Transfer 610-444-6800, Delaware Valley Financial 610-932-5444 or delvalmort.com, Farm & Land Division 888-786-8715, Auction Services 888-209-6160, Appraisal Services 610-444-7088, Commercial Division 610-444-7770